The love of Mom & Kids

A mother can take care of sons and daughters but a son or a daughter cannot take care of one mother, as we know there are many parents they finally live in nursing home when they get elderly and taken care by nurses meanwhile their children are busy on their own lives.

That’s all because a mother has a default true love for the children meanwhile the children have a default burden love, so a mother’s true love will naturally flow to take care of the children no matter how hard she has to do, but a son or daughter will feel heavy to take care a mother when she got elderly and busy on his/her own live.

So from now on, let’s create a true love for our mothers or fathers when they get elderly and do not let them stay in nursing home in other words we cannot abandon them when they become elderly because our success due to their service.

Abu Hamzah: North Tangerang, Thursday March, 26, 2015

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